Every day, a new plus size boutique opens up online, and I love it! I really do! However, when headed to your site, there are few things that make me cringe, make me close the window, never to ever check for you again. I know it’s kind of harsh, but first impressions are everything and in order for the shopping and options for plus size fashion to get better, we have to do better!

Why am I writing this?

One reason: I want us to do more and be better!

I love the moxie and panache that designers and retailers are providing to us, the plus size shopper- however, there are certain things that kill it for me, and have me rushing back to my tried and true shopping haunts… I want to support you and your endeavors, I do! So, to help you out, I have amassed a list of my irritations and frustrations (and some shared to me!)

Without further ado, here are the:

10 Reasons Why I Wont Shop at your Plus Size Site

  1. No shopping A non plus size model. This is really close to home with me… especially as if you check out the comments on my facebook page or on my blog, the call out for visibly plus size models is major! While I may be able to pretend to imagine how something will look on curves given my background, not every woman will. Stock photos are frustrating too… take the time and you will see an amaizing response- a brand to recently benefit from this: Fashion to Figure.
  2. Auto Play Music. While I may go to the club in a dress from your line, I do not want to go to the club while I am shopping. And if I cannot find the mute button, I am gone. Chances are I am already at my own club, playing music on my own desktop or laptop.
  3. Horrible pictures. If the picture is small and I cannot click to make bigger, if its pixilated, or if the picture only highlights a section of the garment and I cannot see the whole thing? I’m gone. Oh, and if you have done a photoshoot/ look book, make this a separate section on your site. A woman sitting down in a dress does not sell me the dress. Lighting, lack of or overuse of photoshop also falls into this.
  4. Poor Styling. Not every item should have me thinking I am at the club, not should I be able to see bras straps, shapers, or anything else that clashes with the featured item.
  5. All Flash Everything . While a site can have a few flash elements, not all flash sites play nice in every browser or cell phone.
  6. A non professionally designed site. This includes WIX, Vistaprint, or I am sure there are others, but nothing has me doubt the seriousness of your site than a site from these places. You have Big Cartel, Etsy, WordPress.com, and Facebook that offer options to sell your wares through…There are a few bloggers who do this as a full time gig, check out Lianne Farbes, Luvvie, Sarah (huny), and sooo many more! 
  7. Pricing. Your pricing must reflect your image. Why am I going to pay $200 for a dress on a site that is suspect? On the other hand, why are you charging $100 for a dress bought at the local LA Mart or Garment District? Please do not assume that your shoppers are none the wiser… If you got it for $3.00 and selling it for $100? No ma’am…
  8. No Social Share buttons. I know it may sound trivial, but this means a whole lot to me, especially if I am on the fence, I will go to my friends and network for help and feedback. I may want to bookmark you, share, or whatever. With the ease of inserting a few lines of code, you can be social!
  9. YOUR Social Profile is Unprofessional. What do I mean? I follow you on twitter, Facebook, or wherever and you are constantly talking nasty, talking about people, or talking about how no one supports you. Negative Nancy never motivated me to support you. AND it gives me pause that if I has any type of question, that you would just shut me down or turn around and publicly humiliate me. This is real, please take note, we are watching.
  10. No relationships. You are on every group, page, or site over promoting yourself. If I go to your twitter page, all that is there is your site info and no conversation? You are hopping from page to page over promoting your brand without page owner’s permission? Just because you have a store does not mean that people will automatically shop or promote you. Build relationships, engage your audience, and you may learn some valuable gems of business knowledge.Take a note from Monif C, Eloquii, Hips and Curves, Igigi, Ashley Stewart, and Just As U Are for a few ideas! Their social pages (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs) are engaging and involved with their fans and shoppers! It’s not just sale, sell, sale! 
  11. A bonus one here: Payment and Shipping. If you do not have a verified or secured mode of payment, I am not shopping your site. If you do not offer paypal, I probably will still shop, but will with hesitation. For shipping? If you charge an astronomical fee, OR do not have free returns or take over two weeks to deliver and you are based in the US, chances are i am not shopping with you. 

Okay… SO I covered my ten reasons why I would NOT shop a certain plus size store or site. While not a single infraction will deter me, especially if design is top notch, but if two or more apply, definitely rethink your approach and strategize! There are so many resources for you to do it big and we really want you to succeed! We just need you to make it work!

But I would love to know what other blocks do you have when looking at sites? What turns you off?

Make sure you check out the first post I did, on starting a plus size boutique and how to work with bloggers! More jewels to come soon!

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