You know… I have been wanting to update this blog for years. I have had plans to change the layout, start moving personal thoughts over here, and to make the changes to add different services for YOU.

Marie Denee in City Chic OnlineI have had this site for some time now, but have failed to be consistent in it. I allowed myself to make myself small, convince myself that my voice was not needed, and whatever other thought that held me back.

Until three years ago… I started working on me. Unlearning, relearning, and organizing life in a better way. This year, I proclaimed “BOLDER” for myself. With the question: “How are you showing up for yourself, Marie?”


And you know what?

This project slapped me in the face.

Having blogger for 10 years, I know a little something. I have value to share and give. Recognizing this and putting action to it was nerve wracking.

How many of you have a calling, a purpose, a gift that you let sit?

Marie Denee in City Chic Online Brown Jumpsuit This is where I was. With things clicking and falling into place as early as late last year. I got it. I had made myself small. I hid behind The Curvy Fashionista, because it was safe. But that was not me. I have never been the play it safe chick.

How did I get here? Why was I so scared? What was I afraid of? How do I change this?

These were all questions I asked myself as I started on this path.

So here we are… in a new iteration of Marie Denee.

Marie Denee in City Chic Online Brown Jumpsuit

A place where I will share more about the business side of blogging. My thoughts on plus size fashion and the business of it. A home for me and my personal style. A place where you get to meet Mocha, my rescue Doxle!

As I start to let my hair down and have a bit more fun with things, I invite you on this journey with me… Hold me TF accountable as I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. You know they say growth happens right outside your comfort zone! I am here for this space!

Marie Denee in City Chic Online Brown Jumpsuit

But, as I chug along, for those of you who have pushed, challenged, have seen this in me… I thank you.

Now, here’s to building wings as we leap!

Shout out to Howell Designs on the photos! 

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