Be Blogalicious 2012I shared here and on the Curvy Fashionista yesterday, that I am headed to my first Blogalicious Conference, and I could not be more excited! The chance to get out of the house, the state, and to descend into Las Vegas? Well, you can imagine the excitement.

BUT, as the excitement comes about, so does my angst. I am quite the meticulous one when it comes to packing and preparing, BUT I am also the procrastinator. Hence why lists are perfect for me. As I get ready to learn, meet and greet, and party (Yes, I plan on letting my hair down a bit), I still have business to tend to!

I thought I would share with you my checklist and how I prepare to head out to a Blogger Conference, as I notice these are way different than the standard event trip plannings… I mean, Blogalicious is quite tech friendly and savvy, so this adds a brand new element to things!

My Checklist:

  • Create my schedule on the Blogalicious Schedule Page (it is quite interactive!)
  • Create my mobile business card via Vizibility! Too cool, our badges this year will have QR codes!
  • To carry on or to check the bags? I need to Plan Outfits for four nights, five days (two looks a day?) What does one wear to a high tea?
  • HTC EVO 3-D, HTC EVO LTE, HTC Tablet, and Toshiba Laptop chargers (can you tell I am an HTC girl?)
  • Charge Camera and pack extra memory card
  • Schedule posts while I am away
  • Pack business cards, Just in case!!
  • Pack makeup and toiletries (I have this new Soho Accessories Travel pack, kind of in love with them!)
  • Chargers. Chargers. Make sure I have my chargers.
  • Set “Away” message (figure it out via Gmail)

I know I am forgetting something… BUT when you are going to a conference, especially unpacking to pack again, it can get exhausting AND overwhelming!

What do you bring to your Blog Conferences and what are your MUST haves for travel?



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