So you want to be a blogger. More specifically, a fashion blogger, but where do you start? Not only that, how do you continue to build and to grow? There are a lot of questions I know you have… I have been asked a few many times over! No worries, I am here to help!

10 tips for fashion blog


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After running a blog full time, for five years, I can share with you it can get quite overwhelming and confusing! What should you have, what shouldn’t you do, how frequently you should post-  I understand there are questions… But to help you out, what I have done is fashion up ten tips over on My Life Scoop with Intel to help you get off to a smashing start or to help amplify your current steps!

  1. What type of fashion blog do you have? There is more to just having a “fashion blog,” narrow it down. Are you a petite fashion blogger, a vintage, plus size blogger like me? The key here is to narrow life down, to help you establish your voice and to give you a platform.
  2. Give yourself a schedule. Are you going to deliver articles to your audience daily, twice a week, or more? Once you determine a schedule, you help tell your readers when and what to expect. The more you write the more they will come! Which brings me to…
  3. Content. Develop unique and substantive content! Give your readers something to feel. Whether a joke, an emotionally charged, informational, or visual, feed your readers fashion and make them want to come back for more!
  4. Get social! There are many outlets that you can engage your readers on, but even that can get a bit overwhelming. SO, start off on the channels that you use the most and keep the conversations going there. For me, I live on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. In addition to what I use, I also mind the social media channels in which my readers are most active on. Keeping the conversation going is key.
  5. While I am talking about social, make sure you include the social media buttons ON your blog post and make it EASY for your readers to leave comments and to share. If I have to sign into a rogue account, one that I do not use regularly, I will not leave a comment. Make sure you use a comment system that allows various ways to sign in. Disqus, Livefyre, and Commentluv are places to start!

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