I have alluded to, for what feels like years, my involvement in such an AMAZING project… being a delightful tease of the news!

Marie Denee the Fashion Cruzearati

Well, no more!

I am sooo honored and pleased to share, ELATED actually! To bring to you my most GEEKED out news yet!

The Chevy CruzearatiChevrolet, (yes the car company) has chosen to myself along with five other fabulous bloggers to come together as the CRUZE-ARATI for the debut of Chevrolet’s newest UNEXPECTED car, the CHEVY CRUZE! They have chosen me, THE CURVY FASHIONISTA to represent FASHION!


Remember that quick trip of mines to the icy Detroit? Well, that begun my trip to GM Headquarters! Here I met my new family- the Cruze-arati!

The Chevy Cruze-Arati

As your honored FASHION Cruze-arati, I am fortunate to travel all over the country to bring you fashion from an UNEXPECTED perspective! Fashion shows from behind the scenes, interviews with models designers, innovators, some known and unknown! If you follow my blog, you know I love to share and show the newest in fashion and I will continue to do so as your Fashion Cruze-arati!

Here is a taste of what I have done- MY First Webisode DEBUT!

A few weeks ago, when I went silent for a few days, well, I was shooting my FIRST BIO and Welcome package to you AND my first webisodes “Fashion Unexpected” with Ash Durrani! You must stay tuned to see how much fun I had with him and Grow Clothing!

So what’s next for me? Well, each week make sure you check back in DAILY with me and on the UBER COOL Cruze-arati website, follow me @mariedenee AND the @cruzearati on Twitter, catch #Cruzearati on Foursquare, and peep all the #Cruzearati on Facebook! My webisodes will also be featured on the Chevy You Tube Page!

Seriously HOW COOL is this!!!!!!

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