Marie Denee

I am a plus size fashion and style blogger with 15 years of experience in retail and I hold an MBA in Marketing. Finding the perfect balance, I combine my passion and experience to be an industry insider within plus size fashion.

  • How to Reach Out to Plus Size Blogs

    You are a plus size designer, retailer, or boutique and you would like to get your brand or company featured on their blog, what do you do? OR, you are launching a new collection or feature and you want to know which bloggers to reach out to, to attain exposure? Plus Size Blogs have emerged […]

  • I am Your Fashion Cruzearati

    I have alluded to, for what feels like years, my involvement in such an AMAZING project… being a delightful tease of the news! Well, no more! I am sooo honored and pleased to share, ELATED actually! To bring to you my most GEEKED out news yet! Chevrolet, (yes the car company) has chosen to myself […]