Not Everyone Is Going To Like Your Blog

Not Everyone Is Going To Like Your Blog

And Guess what?

This is okay.

Not every designer is your cup of tea, so why should your blog be excused from this?

Let me back up… I have seen this comment or sentiment shared more than a few times over a few different social networks:

“No one supports me”

“They just hating”

“I always like, blog, comment, about them and they NEVER say anything back to me.”

“No one ever shares my blog”

I could go on, but you get my drift. One of the things I realized from  these statements and I have been compelled to share is that, Not everyone will like or LOVE your blog!

I have been blogging for five years and there are folks who will never like what I am doing. There are folks whose projects I love, that will not support my efforts. There are people who will always take issue with whatever I am doing- and guess what?

That is okay.


Well, for one, different strokes for different folks.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, what are you doing?

Maybe they don’t like your content, or images, or layout.

Maybe you repost all the same info without adding your own spin to it.

Maybe you are always asking and pushing your content without engaging.

Maybe you are a negative Nancy, and folks tend to shy away from this.

There could be mounds of reasons why you may not getting the support you want, but guess what?

No one OWES you anything-

Support is earned. Respect is earned. Trust is earned.

And this happens with time and hard work. There are always exceptions to these, but for the most part, as you create your community and engage your fellow bloggers and readers, they will come. There will be obstacles, hurdles, and moments of feeling low and out… But in the process of building your empire, this is all part of the hustle and grind!

It Won’t Happen Overnight

While you may be checking for XX blogger, you have to also remember that they have (probably) been doing this a bit longer. I am a firm believer that slow and steady wins the race (if there is one?) but for me, this has been my testimony.

I have focused on laying the right foundation, crafting the right message, and honing in on my vision for my blog not just for the NOW, but for the future as well…

What’s that saying?

“It takes ten years to become an overnight success”

Pretty much…

So why am I saying and writing this?

Well, I wanted to let you know that it is okay if you encounter those who don’t see your vision (it wasn’t theirs to see anyway), who don’t like your videos or posts, or who don’t support…

Rather than sitting in this mind-space, surround yourself with those who support, will uplift AND CHALLENGE YOU, and remember WHY you started on this path in the first place… You wanted to make a change, affect change, or CHALLENGE the status quo?

Whichever it is, understand this, there are over 7 billion people in the world, and there is no way that YOU can be all things to ALL these people.

Diversity and Options are beautiful things

How will you ensure that YOU stand out?

  • MizLiz BBWGeneration

    My greatest success in my blog has been: Reaching to the ONE that stopped from taking her own life because of what I write and share. For that alone I make sure I do my best to keep it empowering and of light.
    My only bench mark is what “I” did/met on the previous post/week/month/year numbers.
    I find inspiration from bloggers like you (marie) because I’m also a work in progress. What best compliment than to have others continue to spread positive words/images as you do right?
    I do keep my social media in tune to my own goals and needs. Interject it with what is “popular” among my readers and try not to loose steam when the posts I am most invested in aren’t the most visited.
    Gotta keep choo chooing and keep building because there will be another person that my humble work will help give a reason to stay on this Earth. For that alone I find the strength and commitment if for nothing else.
    I am honored when others show support and share organizations, individuals and sites on the daily. It’s as natural as breathing – and do so without waiting to see if the gesture is returned. It’s just not my goal at all.

  • Om Livin’

    just breathe, it will come! :D Thanks for the post, I am a new blogger & have been getting sad due to the lack of comments…but I know it just takes time.

    • Marie Denee

      Definitely takes time!!! Baby steps! :)

  • Veronica Grant

    I definitely agree with this. I started a blog in 2011 as a hobby and decided to step it up with my own hosted site in May 2013. It isn’t easy to reach to the top. At first I was getting a little discouraged when I saw other blogs with so many views and likes but then I realized that they were once in the same position as me once upon a time. Research and networking is the key. I have seen more progress over the last few months. Just stay positive and do you. Your journey is what makes you unique! :)

  • Evalyne Njeri


  • Becca

    This is so true, and so important to remember! It’s tough sometimes, especially when it’s so easy to be hard on yourself, but it helps for me to keep my eye on the prize. I write because I have to, because I have words bottled up inside that need to come out. If people dig that, awesome! But if they don’t, well, ok, that’s fine, too! I’d love to reach more readers, but I also need to write what’s inside of me, and not necessarily just what people want to hear.

  • Rashida Thompson

    For someone like myself who is just getting into the blogging thing, this is so important to keep in mind. I’d rather focus on earning a handful of loyal supporters than to try to be everything to everyone. It’s neither practical nor possible.

    • Marie Denee

      SPeak madame! speak!

      • Veronica Grant

        Yes! So true!

  • Zadry Ferrer-Geddes

    Thanks for the great post Marie, sometimes we do get caught up with “people pleasing” and end up losing our voice and the message we wanted to share through our blog. And I definitely agree you HAVE to build relationships and like in life don’t support others just to receive support back- people see through fakeness,

    • Marie Denee

      That is soooo true! :)

  • Mommy Week

    So true! I realized recently you can’t please everybody. I believe in being true to who I am. Those who love it will read, and that’s what matters anyway…. Gonna go tweet this now!

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you sooo much for the support and for sharing!!! Always be true to you boo! ALways!

  • Ana Lydia Ochoa

    Marie, this is a great post. I just have a monkey wrench to throw in there: while you say that “no one owes you anything,” I disagree. I firmly believe that if others have helped you along the way, you should pay it forward. And who hasn’t received help or has time to do something to help a fellow colleague? I know that I don’t always comment (this is a rarity), but I do click on others blog posts. If I can’t share on Facebook, I will do it on Twitter. If Instagram is an option and I see a photo I like, I will like it. If I come across an opportunity that can benefit others, I will share it. No one is ever to big to help someone else – even if they haven’t been directly impacted by them. You do it because it’s the right thing to do, not just as a person, but as a professional.

    • Marie Denee

      I came at this from the sense of entitlement, and you are right and I love to give back because it was given to me… Of COURSE! But I think this is a bit different (what you shared) than what I meant in the post, but your post is ENTIRELY VALID!!!!

  • Wilo Reign

    Good read. My two bent pennies… You shouldn’t want everyone to like or love your blog. The voice spoken will reach those who need to listen. Do you what you love and let what you love guide you…

    • Marie Denee

      Heheheh at the two bent pennies (may have to steal this) and you said it best love!!! “The voice spoken will reach those who need to listen” Church!

  • Phyrra

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s something I’ve come to believe and really get in the past year. I don’t want to be everyone’s cup o’ tea. I don’t want to have to compromise who I am to please people. I’m just going to keep on being me, and if people like it, fabulous. If not, they can find someone else :) Again, thank you so much! Tweeted, pinned and stumbled :)

    • Marie Denee

      There you go!!! and thank you sooo much for the support and social shares! XOXOXO

      • Phyrra

        New follower now :) You really made my day with this post.

        • Marie Denee

          Thank you sooooo much!

  • Rebequita Rose – Rebequita Ros

    I think it comes down to sincerity. If you like someone’s blog, you like it just because you do. You can’t be liking and supporting everyone just so that they do the same back. Expectations lead to the biggest let downs when your expectation never materializes! I’ve come across bloggers I love and can’t understand why their blog isn’t getting more attention, and vice versa. You have to enjoy what you do for its own sake. If you don’t, and are just doing it for ego’s sake, then forget it. You’re in it for all the wrong reasons and just setting yourself up for disappointment! Very well written article btw. See? Sincerity triumphs! :)

    • Marie Denee

      If you arent preaching madame… Give it!!! Thank you for the love!

      • Rebequita Rose – Rebequita Ros

        I don’t get the first half of your reply… lol

        • Marie Denee

          Ohhhh! I meant that You are saying the truth! :) I am sorry!

          • Rebequita Rose – Rebequita Ros

            Oh, ok. LOL. i’m so ‘english’, LOL <3

  • Amber Dorsey

    love this. It’s something I struggled with for a while. even though I KNEW it to be true I still didn’t (and sometimes don’t still) understand why “my people” didn’t support me the way I did them. And now I get it. It’s not for them or they don’t “get it” in some way. And that’s okay. I will continue to support those that I choose to and not feel obligated to do so. I’m also not going to get all butt hurt about those that don’t support ME. I’m still going to do my thing and reach out to those I’ve built relationships with and nurture those instead of focusing on the negative.

    • Marie Denee

      There we go boo! Perfect way to think about things!

  • Jeniese Hosey

    Fabulous post! I am notorious for being super hard on myself and I gave myself a pep talk yesterday that said self don’t negate what you have accomplished by what you think you should have accomplished! This is a great word that I know I needed to hear! I just keep working on things as I see fit and enjoying the day to day aspects of my blog! Thanks Marie!!!

    • Marie Denee

      You are so welcome, and give yourself credit boo! YOU have been at this for a while now and we love your voice… don t give up!

  • Antionette Blake

    P.S. I will be sharing this post!

    • Marie Denee


  • Antionette Blake

    This is an well written post and gets right to the point – thanks for sharing!

    • Marie Denee

      Thank you for stopping by! :)

  • Erica Day

    I figure the only way to stand out is to be myself. Some will like it, some won’t. *shrug*

    • Marie Denee

      Let the church say AMEN… :)

  • Angel Y.

    LOVE! This is fantastic. I encourage bloggers often while I’m writing blogging tips to look beyond the popularity game.

    • Marie Denee

      Yesss… if you are too focused on their successes, you will miss your own!

  • masquemag


    • Marie Denee

      Thank you sooo much madame! :)

  • Marla Verdugo

    I love everything about this Marie. I am learning to not be so hard on myself…I am working hard, learning, growing, listening and know that it will pay off. And you’re right, It is ok if everybody doesn’t like my style/blog, etc. xoxo

    • Marie Denee

      :) Yeahhh… and please do not be too hard on yourself… PLEASE!

      • Marla Verdugo

        :) Thanks Marie! xo

        • Marie Denee


  • Poised In Print

    Exactly all of this. Everything isn’t for everyone. I would encourage social media participants to create their own online experience. Follow the blogs, sites, and personalities that YOU like, not for the sake of following to give other’s “support”. If it’s engaging that you want, having 13,000 followers and no one says a word is the same as zero followers. I’ve blogged on and off since 2007 remaining consistent is hard work.

    • Marie Denee

      Tell em!!! :) Tell em! :) Thank you for sharing your own words of wisdom!

  • BlogToBeAlive79

    I think many new bloggers want “instant fame” so to speak. It’s a little sad. I used to get a lot of emails from new bloggers asking me to promote them. It always felt a little weird especially when they didn’t have much content.

    • Marie Denee

      Right! I think sometimes it is lost on them some of the nuances of blogging, but I do think with a little help and focus, we can ALL knock it out! :)