Just Because You Have my Email Address

Does NOT mean you can Add me to your Newsletter Has this happened to you? You go to a conference and exchange business cards. OR. You reply back to an advertising inquiry. THEN All of a sudden you get an email newsletter notice. *cues eyeroll* I sit here in confusion, trying to think, WHEN did … Continue Reading

Blogalicious Left Me Full

  You know, oftentimes you will hear xxx was the best ever, or xxx changed my life, and are quick to brush it off as that person being dramatic. However, there are truly times when something or someone impacts you, moves you, or reignites your drive. The latter is what happened to me while attending … Continue Reading

10 Reasons Why I Won’t Shop at Your Plus Size Store or Site

Every day, a new plus size boutique opens up online, and I love it! I really do! However, when headed to your site, there are few things that make me cringe, make me close the window, never to ever check for you again. I know it’s kind of harsh, but first impressions are everything and … Continue Reading

How to Reach Out to Plus Size Blogs

You are a plus size designer, retailer, or boutique and you would like to get your brand or company featured on their blog, what do you do? OR, you are launching a new collection or feature and you want to know which bloggers to reach out to, to attain exposure? Plus Size Blogs have emerged … Continue Reading